Free Webpages

ProHosting: Offers : 10MB of space, 1 POP3 email, 1 FTP account, custom CGI/SSI !! Do yourself a favor and at least check it out!
The Globe: Gives you 6MB of space, also offers email and chating
Angelfire Communications: Offers 5 MB of space, free graphics and clipart, email and a place to house your personal page or buisness.
Crosswinds: Free e-mail and homepages with unlimited space. Now offering free commercial web page hosting too. Check it out!
Fortune City: Gives you 10MB of space and email.
GeoCities: 11MB of space, email, guestbooks, counters, and a few other goodies. Quick and business sites tho.
Hypermart: Up to 10 MB of server space and unlimited bandwidth. One of the few sites that allows a place for your business ONLY
QSL: Free webpage and email fwding service for you Hams(Amateur Radio) out there.(This is here for my dad)

More free webpages

Tripod: 11MB of space allows banner ads(one of the few that do!!)
Xoom: "Aren't they graphics?" No...well yes...but not JUST graphics...not anymore! Now they offer 11MB of space, graphics, email, and chat rooms for your personal or business site.
The Internet is Easy: 20MB of space, POP3 email account, guestbooks, counters for those of you who can read Chinense.