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If you've gotten the address for this page then you're probably a friend of mine if you're not we have already received all your vital information including phone number, social security #, and credit card # (I like #s).
I decided to dust off the scanner and scan a few momentos. I hope to have more up in the future but once word of caution. The scanner scanned the things too big so, well, be ready.


Corinne "MsKite"
Here is my 98/99 school picture.
Donna & Rachel
My sister and my ADORABLE niece, Rachel, who is 4 going on 5.
Grandmom (I miss you and love you Grandmom!)
The front side of my Grandmother Funeral Card
The back side of my Grandmother Funeral Card
Bob's Grill Late Nite - Eat + Get the Hell Out
Nice motto, OK food. A place to eat in the Outer Banks, our regular vacation place.
Awful Arthur's
"For some really awesome chow" eat at Awful Arthur's! Another restaurant in the OBX.
Bad Barracuda's
The NEW raw bar & grill owned by the same people as Arthur's. I can't wait to try it over Spring Break...
The Springton Spectator
During the 97/98 school year I was co-editor then full editor of our newspaper. My goal was to have no typos - we had 1...and it WASN'T MY FAULT *cough*Ms.Stephens*cough*
The Extremely Low Budget, Audience Interactive, Theater in the Round Performs Present
The Legend of King Arthur (with apologies to William Shakespeare)...don't even ask!
The Pennsylvania Renasanice (sorry about spelling!) Faire
A picture I took during our school trip to the PA Faire...that's where I got Larry...and he's STILL alive!


Name: Corinne Anne Maria Mandell
Age: 14
Birthday: April 28, 1984
Parents: Tom & Anne
Siblings: Greg & Donna
Height: About 5'3"..taller then some teachers...
Fav Color: Blue, preferably lighter shades
Fav Band: The Beatles
Other Musical Interests: Paul McCartney, Beach Boys, Monkees, other oldies
Fav TV Show: Currently M*A*S*H
Other TV Interests: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Newhart
Fav Movie: Currently Gone With the Wind and Help!
Other Movie Interests: A Hard Day's Night, The Sound of Music, The King & I, West Side Story, other musicals...
Fav Actor: So many! The Beatles, Clark Gable, Alan Alda (female rights activist!!!), Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Carey Grant...
Fav Actress: Olivia deHavilland (Looks like my grandmother), Melissa Joan Hart
Languages spoken: English, a little (and do I mean a little!) French, and 5 months worth of German, HTML
Future Hopes:
College - Attend Drexel College
Career - Make computer games and other programs...maybe take over Bill Gates
Talents: There's this thing I do with duct tape and plastic but you wouldn't like that...
Computers, turning the television off and on, etc etc etc
Other: You know to much already...

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