My wonderful boyfriend. Hiya cutie! Pretzel! I'm very glad that I decided to sit with you guys at lunch. I think we've corrupted each other...I'd continue but your five minutes are up. Silly boy. (Remember sheep fly!) I'm very grateful to be with you.
You're one weird girl, but one close friend! I have 3 words for you : Castro; pretzel; Hedgebit. Need I say more? (Mind you those words don't relate to each other)
Whenever I need to bug someone on ICQ, you're there. What would I do with out you? Probably whine less ::winks:: Give Simon my love.
Mae Ortrud
Chica you were one of my first online friends, what can I say? Thanks for the fun we've had and will have.
Where are you? I miss you! I need you! But do you write? Noooo. We've had our fun... QUACK! ('nuff said!!)
Rev. John
Why do you enjoy annoying me so much?? It's so depressing! And that wasn't a compliment either! Well, in any case, stick around for a while won't you?
You're probably the most up-beat person I know and one great friend. Keep in touch!
You also annoy me greatly but somehow you found yourself onto this page...go figure. Don't you owe me some Flash or something? ::evil grin::