Fez Pix

All but one are of Good Charlotte. One pic is a far away pic of Nine Days. Don't ask about Lit pix...I'm quite bitter about that. (Bitter is also a Lit song...)

Pics'll be lightened up soon!

Good Charlotte
Vocals - Joel
Guitar & Vocals - Benji
Guitar & Vocals - Billy
Bass - Paul
Drums - Aaron

Fez #1
The sound guy, Kelly, (thanks Jen) and Benji before GC started...

Fez #2
Kinda dark, I'll lighten up but it's Joel (on left) and Paul (the bass player)

Fez #3
Nice pic of Joel

Fez #4
Nine Days...can ya see 'em? Yea well...

Fez #5
My friend, Erica, with Benji

Fez #6
Another dark one of Joel and Paul

Fez #7
From L to R : Billy, Joel & Paul

Fez #8
The whole band ('cept you can't see the drummer, Aaron)

Fez #9
Here's Paul smiling at the GC girls (and GC boys like Joel likes ;-))

Fez #10
I GOT AUTOGRAPHS WOOOO - one on left is Benji, top right is Billy (guitar) and bottom is Joel

Fez #11
My ticket (still wet!)

Some Final Thoughts
I sadly didn't get any snaps of Aaron, the drummer. He was farther back and hard to see from "the pit".

My Lit & No Doubt pics didn't come out and I'm *really* upset about that...

What's with guys named 'Paul' in rock bands? Seems like that happens quite a bit... *shrugs*