Free Email Providers

ApexMail: Offers message filtering, forwarding, auto-reply and much more!
ChickMail: Free email for women. Powered by WhoWhere?
3Dmail: Free 30 day trial from "The Next Generation of Email". Lots of features!
AtlaVisa Email: Powered my iName. Allows you to choose your domain. Choose from, and others.
CONK!Mail: Offers private, web based email with forwarding. Are "fast" and "extremely easy" to use.
Daily Web Planner: Gives free email, reminders, planner, and calendar. Even offers a tutorial.
The Doghouse Mail: Another of the many email providers powered by WhoWhere?. Gives you an
England E-mail: Powered by (you guessed it) WhoWhere? This is for those of you in jolly old England...or anywhere else in the world.
gURLmAIL: Another free email for gals.
JewishMail: Here, Jews can get free emails from JewishMail, provided by WhoWhere?

More Free Email Providers

JamaicaMail: Free email for Jamaicans mon!
MailExcite: Free, private email provided by WhoWhere?
My Own Email: MOE allows free email and allows you to choose from over 200 personalized domain names. They also give webpages.
ROFTL Online Services: Provides you with email and a webpage.
USA.NET: Good service providing you with POP email. Sometimes slow, but easy to use.
Yahoo! Mail: Good service, very reliable!
WOWMAIL: Allows you to choose from 30 different domain names, not all are recommended for children tho. Also provide webpages.
ProntoMail: Provides email and webpages. Nice layout, easy to use.
Hotmail: Powered by Microsoft. One of the best providers! Easy to use and recommended for people new to the net!
NET@DDRESS: Great site! From USA.NET easy to use.