Ruddie the Reindeer

Deer Certificate
Well, ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! It's me, MsKite (thought I was the big guy didn't ya?) and guess what! Until Christmas arrives, I'm taking care of one of Santa's reindeer! Ms. Vikimouse was kind enough to allow me to take care of one since she is so busy with the Mousepad to take care of so many 4 legged creatures! Ruddie, my reindeer, just woke from his nap. He's on a very strict diet! Apples and hay only!! And he needs alot of rest!! When he's not eating or resting, he has to practice for "The Big Night"! He uses a trampoline, a red ball, and all sorts of other things to train. It's a lot harder then you think!

Reindeer CrossingStableApplesHay Stack


Training Area
Ruddie has to get used to wearing 2 sets of heavy bell.BellsBells
This ball helps to keep his eye sight in top shape! If he can see a tiny red ball in the dark, he's good for the go!Ball
Do you know how many people wear hats similar to Santa's during the holiday season? Too many! Ruddie has to be able to know which is the real thing!Hat
This is a special blind fold game by Vikimouse! It helps teach Ruddie how to get around safely in the fog.Blind Fold Game
A trampoline is good to have around. Ruddie simulates flight by bouncing on it.Trampoline
Ruddie has to know how to jump fences!!Fence

Well, I hope you've learned a little about reindeer! Remember go to bed early on Christmas Eve, that way Ruddie won't have to go to bed as late (and you don't want to have to deal with him if he doesn't get his 12 hours! Trust me!!!) Don't forget to leave an apple wedge or a carrot stick out of Ruddie and his friends!