Happy Birthday Mom!


I bet you never saw this coming, now did you? Well I made this little page up as sort of a "homepage" for you. As you can see below I've added the links that are in your bookmarks, sites you visit often, or sites you'll probably like. Oh yea and I made all the graphics displayed on this page! I didn't know what else to get ya!

OBX Links Shopping
  • Cape Hatteras Cam
  • CDNow
  • Currituck Beach Lighthouse
  • Amazon
  • News
  • BigStar(Movies)
  • Lighthouse Society
  • Snoopy Gift Shop
  • Local Other
  • DELCO Online
  • Strawberry Sampler
  • Library
  • A&E
  • Delaware County
  • Chesapeake Chapter

  • Love Corinne...(and Dad)