Titan A.E.

Let's be honest, probably the main reason you went to see Titan A.E. (that is, if you have seen it) was because Lit was on the soundtrack. I will be the first to admit to that - but I really enjoyed the movie! The graphics were great and the story was pretty cool. Well, long story short, I was at Blockbuster and bought some Titan A.E. trading cards and then started looking online to see what is available. Amazon has quite a bit of Titan A.E. merchandise so I thought I'd put some links up to anyone who is interested in the related merchandise. Although some are toys for children, they also have teen/adult versions of the story. Take a look :)

cover Titan A.E. Figures and Vehicles Space...
cover Titan A.E. - This is the novelization of the book and is not for children. Reviews of this book have been good and I'm hoping to buy it...
cover How to Draw Titan A.E.

Of course, there is more Titan A.E. merchandise available!