Few bands epitomize the sharp radio rock of the late-'90s like California's Lit. Though it's the millionth white-guy band to employ two guitars, bass and drums, the quartet appealingly overcomes its potentially generic trappings. Dressed in Swingers-inspired attire, Lit puts its heart into crunchy little pop numbers, tailor-made for the latest "hip" movie soundtrack. The group certainly pays attention to the current flavor of the month, but guitarist Jeremy Popoff and his brother, singer A. Jay, write songs with a pleasant aftertaste, seasoning their music with sufficiently bouncy, new wave flavors. The tracks with less of an obvious radio appeal remain rich with hooks, licks and lyrics that suggest that these spunky boys spend as much time grooming their songs as they do sculpting those trendy little chin beards.

- CMJ Music Review

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