PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE: Last night was one of those nights. Now it's morning -- the sun's shining, the head's pounding, and "I can't remember what was said or what you threw at me." That's the situation for the bonehead in "My Own Worst Enemy," Lit's debut single, which is now Number One on the Modern Rock chart. "It's not one particular incident," says Jeremy Popoff, Lit's twenty-seven-year-old guitarist-songwriter. "It's a product of several. It's definitely real for a lot of people."

ALL LIT UP: The band -- which also includes bassist Kevin Baldes, drummer Allen Shellenberger, and Jeremy's younger brother, singer and co-writer A. Jay Popoff -- slogged around the So-Cal scene for ten years and released one indie album, so Lit are a bit awed by their sudden radio ubiquity. "We're driving through the middle of nowhere in Kansas at three in the morning, and we hear our song come on right after Def Leppard," says Jeremy. "It's just a little surreal."

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CADILLAC? Lit's sound -- bright, jagged, heavy on the hooks -- owes a lot to the Popoffs' own musical youth, "from Boston to Elvis Costello to Nirvana," as Jeremy describes it. But they style their lives on an earlier vibe: The band mates, from Orange County, California, swill martinis and swing to Sinatra, and both brothers own classic Caddies. "Oh, it runs killer," Jeremy tells us. "The cars are so huge, and there's so much chrome on 'em, with big fins. Definitely not stealth, by any means."

- by Noah Tarnow
Rolling Stone, 05/27/99 Issue 813

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