Weekly Lit Fan Quiz
Week #9

Think you know Lit? We'll see. Fill out the form below and proceed to the quiz. Those who get all the questions right will be posted on a winners page. Good luck!
Everyone who scores perfectly will get their names on the winners page PLUS after you get perfect scores on 4 different quizzes, you will get either a picture, MP3, or something similar!

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People, just so you know, many of the answers can be found on this website!

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This quiz is all about Lit!

We'll start off easy. And I'd like to remind everyone, that through this site and by following links, you CAN find the answers!

1. Lit refers to...

2. Which was not one of the band's formal names?

3. Initially, like ten years ago, the band started out with who singing?

4. And who started on drums?


6.What does the A.E. in Titan A.E. stand for?

7. Which of these bands is NOT on the soundtrack?

8. Titan A.E. was...

9. Going back to #1, what's the frontman's name?

10. What is Lit going to do to promote 'Over My Head'?

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