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Glen Ballard Chat

Chat with the man behind Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill & Lit's "Over My Head".
At on Wednesday @ 9 p.m.

No Doubt, Lit, & Black Eyed Peas Get Warped For A Day

No Doubt, Lit, and the Black Eyed Peas will hook up with this summer's Warped tour in Minneapolis on July 11.

It will be a return to roots of sorts for No Doubt, which co-headlined the first Warped tour in 1995 with Sublime. Both Lit and the Black Eyed Peas spent last summer with Warped as well.

The 2000 edition of Warped also includes Green Day, NOFX, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Papa Roach, the Donnas, MxPx, Public Enemy's Chuck D and Confrontation Camp, Millencolin, Jurassic 5, Snapcase, Hot Water Music, Suicide Machines, T.S.O.L., and Weezer (on the first eight dates).

The tour will kick off June 23 in Fresno, Calif.

Titan A.E. Premiere

Lit will play a five-song set tonight (June 13) at the Los Angeles premiere of the new Fox animation flick Titan A.E. The band's "Over My Head" is the first single from the movie's soundtrack. But getting to the gig means traveling several thousand air miles over a period of less than 24 hours.

The band, currently on tour with Orange County homies No Doubt, was scheduled to perform last night (June 12) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, then fly to Los Angeles first thing this morning. After the early-evening performance at the Staples Center in downtown L.A., the group will then catch another flight east again, this time to Cleveland, where they have a show scheduled on Wednesday (June 14). Guitarist Jeremy Popoff recently told LAUNCH: "We've got to talk Fox into getting us a private jet, maybe. That would be real rock. What's up with that?"

Private jet aside, Lit will perform five songs before the film begins, including "Over My Head." LAUNCH asked band members Kevin Blades and Allen Shellenberger what the evening has in store. "We have a day off. We're going to fly in. And it's at the Staples Center in L.A. And we're going to be on a little side stage, and right after that the movie plays, so it's going to be exciting. It's not really the vision we had in playing the Staples Center but it'll be cool to say that we played there. It will be a little pre-empt to what we really want to do at the Staples Center. Yeah, it'll be cool, though."

Titan A.E. opens in theaters nationwide this Friday (June 16).

  • BTW, don't forget to watch Lit premiere OMH on TRL!

    Titan A.E. Special

    Check your local listings, but Andrea tells me that on Thursday, June 15th, HBO is airing a Titan A.E. special! Thans Andrea!

    No Doubt, Lit Kick Off Tour In Dallas To Flocks Of Screaming Girls

    Not surprisingly, there weren't as many Gwen-abes in attendance as there were the last time No Doubt came to Texas. Well, it has been a while. That is not to say there weren't any in evidence when No Doubt came to Dallas' Starplex Amphitheater on Monday (June 5) with Lit and Black Eyed Peas in tow, to kick off its Return of Saturn tour.

    Oh, there was plenty of pink hair dye (an homage to Gwen Stefani's current coiffure) and Little Foxes fashion statements -- as in, girls wearing hip-huggers of all stripes and shirts their mothers would never let them out of the house in. But since No Doubt released Tragic Kingdom in 1995, its girls-kick-ass banner has been taken from them by pop tarts like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Now, instead of jumping in the pit, girls would rather jump onto the set of Total Request Live. It happens.

    Maybe that was one reason why the Starplex Amphitheater was less than half full when the Black Eyed Peas took the stage, and not any more crowded when No Doubt took the stage a couple of hours later. The general admission seating area wasn't even open, the stage hidden from view behind black curtains. Or maybe it was just because the show had the misfortune of landing on a Monday night, which for some high schoolers (a.k.a. No Doubt's prime demographic) was still a school night.

    Whatever the case, the crowd may have been small, but it made up for its lack of size with an overabundance of enthusiasm. When Lit took the stage, you'd never have guessed it was one of the opening bands. Well, except for the fact that Lit's gear was so close to the foot of the stage that when singer A. Jay Popoff started jumping up and down, he probably stubbed one of its toes. Still, the female contingent of the audience screamed (screeched, actually) like they thought it was a Backstreet Boys show. (It only got worse when Popoff removed his shirt.)

    And Lit lived up to its welcome -- at first. Though the band was well-versed in rock-star moves -- lots of foot-on-the-monitor posing and mike-swinging bravado -- its sound didn't quite make the transition to the bigger venue. Lit's start-stop pop-punk just isn't big enough to play the big rooms yet, getting swallowed whole by the cavernous amphitheather. Even though the band didn't have much room to work with, it didn't really need it, as everyone but Popoff remained virtually motionless, as if they were afraid the stage was littered with land mines.

    As for banter with its fans, let's put it this way: Popoff said, "Make some fucking noise" between songs so often, you would almost assume it was the band's name. Of course, there were moments when they showed signs of being capable of putting enough asses in the seats to headline places like this. The best example came late in the set, when the band's most recent hit, "Miserable," was met with a few thousand backup singers and a sea of hands flicking Bics. A few songs later, they finished up with the song that landed them on the bill, "My Own Worst Enemy"; the crowd couldn't have been more into it if they had written it. If they have another song like that in them, they may be the ones ending the show.

    No Doubt only recently graduated to the bigger venues, and they seemed at least a little more comfortable in their surroundings. Coming out to the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the band -- Stefani, guitarist Tom Dumont, bassist Tony Kanal, drummer Adrian Young, and multi-instrumentalists Gabrial McNair and Stephen Bradley -- brought to mind another movie: Revenge of the Nerds. (You know, when the gang staged some elaborate music production to show up the jocks.) Especially Dumont, who has affected a look that is somewhere along the lines of Devo on summer vacation. On top of that, the group has choreographed moves like Peter Gabriel, or maybe Talking Heads bassist Tina Weymouth in Stop Making Sense.

    Even though they looked like the bottom of Beck's closet and danced like they couldn't, it was clear that the crowd still loves No Doubt five years later. When Dumont plucked the first few chords of "Ex-Girlfriend" to start things off, the crowd shifted forward, sending the room spinning. The energy remained high through the first few songs, including a suprisingly early (fifth song) appearance of "Just a Girl." Unfortunately, it was the same version the band has been cranking out since it first made them stars, with Stefani's "What the fuck are you lookin' at?" rap running throughout the song. You'd think Stefani would be past that sort of posturing by now.

    But no one seemed to mind too much. That is, until eight songs in, when the band took a brief break and came back for an acoustic set. A trio of songs, capped off by the crowd-pleasing ballad "Don't Speak," killed any sort of momentum the group had worked up, stopping the concert as surely as a fire marshal would. The acoustic set hit the show like a kidney punch. No Doubt doesn't really have the chops for it, and Stefani definitely doesn't have the voice for it.

    Which is too bad, because it turned the rest of the show, another half-dozen songs or so, into a waiting game, as the kids up front tittered akwardly between songs, waiting for "Spiderwebs" and the sign to go home. After teasing them with a few tracks off Return of Saturn, including a convoluted call-and-response that accompanied "Staring Problem," No Doubt served up its final hit, and politely bowed at the front of the stage. Clearly, they know how to work the bigger stages all too well.

    Lit set list:

    1. "Intro"
    2. "Down"
    3. "A Place in the Sun"
    4. "Four"
    5. "Zip-Lock"
    6. "Lovely Day"
    7. "Over My Head"
    8. "Miserable"
    9. "No Big Thing"
    10. "My Own Worst Enemy"
    No Doubt set list:

    1. "Ex-Girlfriend"
    2. "Sunday Morning"
    3. "Bathwater"
    4. "Different People"
    5. "Just a Girl"
    6. "Magic's in the Makeup"
    7. "Staring Problem"
    8. "Marry Me"
    9. "Suspension Without Suspense"
    10. "Comforting Lie"
    11. "Don't Speak"
    12. "New"
    13. "Too Late"
    14. "Simple Kind of Life"
    15. "Voting Slot"
    16. "Excuse Me Mr."
    17. "Spiderwebs"

    'Over My Head' TRL Premiere

    Look for LIT to appear on TRL Friday, June 15th to debut their new video 'Over My Head'! Can't wait until then? Check the clips section!

    Lit's Fave Videos

    LIT is going to host 2 hours of their fave music videos on M2. Check it out June 12th @ 12pm and 8pm (EST)

    (If you have M2 and would be willing to tape Lit's 2 hour appearance please email me and we can try and work something out...)