About Kite

Ok I got bored so I made this page. If you care cool, if not that's cool too.

Nicks: MsKite, Kite, Kitey, MsK
Email: MsKite@ureach.com
DOB: 04.28
Fave Lit Member: A. Jay (but not by much! I love the other guys too!)
Fave Lit Song: Tripping the Light Fantastic : Dozer & Fuel; A Place in the Sun : Four & Happy
Fave Lit Video: My Own Worst Enemy
Bands: LIT; The Beatles; Beatles solo stuff; Good Charlotte; Julian Lennon; Nirvana; Eric Clapton; Offspring; No Doubt
Fav Album: "Photograph Smile" by Julian Lennon
Instruments: Keyboard/piano & guitar
Friends: Peanutbutter (my boyfriend), Big Sis D, Spiff, Misty, Curls, King Og, CuteBug, EmpressKKB, MK, Chica, Duck (Quack! Moo!)...(if I forgot you email me)
Concerts: Lit (with 22 Jacks & Good Charlotte) @ TLA; Fez 2000 with LIT, GC, No Doubt, and other gear bands! Click here for Fez pix
Quote: "Kinky! Pretzel!"
Obesessions: The Beatles & Lit! Lit is my new obsession and if you knew how giddy I was at their concert you can imagine how excited I'd be if John Lennon was still alive! (May he rest in peace)
Can't Wait For: Good Charlotte's album comes out next month (on September 26th). I'm also looking forward to the next Lit album and their next concert...maybe I'll get an autograph...man that'd be cool! It'd be so giddy.
What's Up? School starts soon. Blah. At least that means sooner for Lit and GC stuff! YAY! I LOVE LIT!
The Last Word Hi...me again. I want to explain something. You may see banner ads around the site and I'd like to ask you to support my sponsors. See, I want to keep up with what's happening and currently that appears to mostly be magazines. Well seeing as how I don't have a whole lot of money the support from those banners helps (very minimally but better than nothing). So if you see an ad that particularly interests you, I'd like you to consider supporting No Big Thing and our sponsors. Ok, I'm through with the sales pitch. :) Laters

Hope that answers some questions about me (if you cared). Cya!