Kevin Baldes - Bass

Kevin Full name: Kevin Baldes

Birthday (month/date/year): 2/14/72

Birth city: Anaheim

Band, if applicable: Lit

Date band formed: 10 years ago

First album or song that made an impression on you: Destroyer - Kiss

First instrument, if any: Guitar

First band (Name and year formed): Razzle 89

Defining moment early in your career: Meeting the guys in Lit

Career highlight so far: 1999

Your favorite album of all time (Okay, pick three if you have to): 1. Kiss - Alive, 2. Van Halen - Fair Warning, 3. Nirvana - any of them, 4. Too many to list! All Social Distortion, Judas Priest

What do you wear to bed? Depends

Name one possession you'd never part with. Lit fans

I can't imagine being on the road without... My band

What are you a complete sucker for? Girls

What's the last record you bought? All - ALLROY Saves

If you weren't a musician right now, what would you be doing? Still living at home

-from BugJuice

Birth Place: Anaheim, CA

CDís currently in player: Stone Temple Pilots, Queen OF The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Living End, ALL'S Greatest Hits

Hobbies: Yard work, collecting KISS stuff, collecting CDís, gambling, collecting LIT stuff, junk collecting at swap meets and thrift stores

Kevin First Album: KISS Destroyer

I Would Love to Tour With: KISS, The Muffs, Foo Fighters

Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemption, My Bodyguard w/ Matt Dillon, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, All the Naked Gun flicks

Favorite Food: Sushi, T-Bone steak

Favorite Beer: Coors Light

Favorite Mixed Drink: Captain Morganís & Dr. Pepper

Favorite Casino: The Peppermill - Reno, NV

When in Orange County check out these cd shops: Fingerprints in Long Beach, Discount Records in Anaheim, Moby Discs in Westminster

Gear: Ampeg SVT Pro IV bass head, Ampeg 1540 Bass Cab, 3 Ibanez ATK bass

-from the Lit Lounge

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