Jeremy Popoff - Guitar

Jeremy Full name: Jeremy Popoff

Birthday (month/date/year): 9-11-71

Birth city: Los Angeles, CA

Band, if applicable: Lit

Date band formed: A long time ago

First album or song that made an impression on you: Iron Maiden - Killers / AC/DC - Back In Black

First instrument, if any: Organ

First band (Name and year formed): Razzle 89

Defining moment early in your career: 1999

Career highlight so far: 1999! Going Platinum

Your favorite album of all time '99 (Okay, pick three if you have to): of all time is too hard. The Living End, Marvelous 3, The Rentals, Foo Fighters

Musical role model: Frank Sinatra

What's your greatest obsession? Gambling

What do you wear to bed? Underwear

Name one possession you'd never part with. I don't know if I feel that strongly about any possessions?

I can't imagine being on the road without... Vodka, & my own pillow

What are you a complete sucker for? 50's, 60's furniture

What's the last record you bought? Tripping the Light Fantastic

What's the strangest request you've ever had from a fan? A big fat guy asked me to sign his ass! I obliged!

If you weren't a musician right now, what would you be doing? Probably making more money

-from BugJuice

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies: Cadillacs, Gambling, Collecting 1950ís & 60ís furniture and accessories, Golf, Collecting old Vegas Memorabilia

Ride: 1961 Pink Cadillac

First Concert: Iron Maiden & UFO

Cocktails of Choice: Dirty Martini w/ stoli and Stoli Cranberry

New Favorite Drink: Stoli Vanilla and Diet Coke

Currently in my CD Player: The Living End, Foo Fighters, Leatherwolf, Filter, Sinatra, Stroke 9

Favorite Casinos: Binions Horseshoe in Las Vegas, The Pepermill in Reno, The Sands in Las Vegas (before they tore it down)

When in Vegas, check out: Slots Of Fun (great place to hang with your friends at 2 in the morning for cheap drinks and cheap snack bar food while playing 1 dollar craps.) Jeremy The Rio (best buffet in the world. Hint: Don't wait in the long line, go over to the far left entrance and walk through the "Invited Guests" entrance.) The Hard Rock Casino (where people like us feel right at home, and the guitar I smashed at Woodstock is there.)

When in Orange County, check out: Rembrandts (cool restaurant lounge featuring Eddie Day who is seen in the Enemy and Zip-Lock video) Nothing Shocking (I used to work there a few years ago, before I was an international superstar. Get pierced, get threads, belt buckles, order flame shoes, etc.) Aces High Tattoo (Todd is a cool guy and has recently tatooed me, A.Jay and Wonderboy.)

Idol: Frank Sinatra (the greatest entertainer ever!)

Favorite Flicks: Casino, Reservoir Dogs, Swingers, Oceans 11,Good Fellas

Sound Check: 3 Fender Custom Strats, 3 Fender Custom Teles, 1 Guild Bluesbird, 1 Guild Acoustic, Marshall JMP 50 watt head, 1 Marshall 100w, Bassmaster Head, Carvin Legacy Cabinets, 1 Digitec Whammy, 1 Boss Phaser, 1 Boss Digital Delay 1 Boss SD1 over drive pedal 1 MXR Phase 100 1 Big Muff, 1 Cry Baby Wah

-from the Lit Lounge

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