#LIT Zip-Lock (3:31)
PRODUCERS: Don Gilmore, Lit
WRITERS: J. Popoff, A. Jay Popoff
PUBLISHERS: EMI April Music/Jagermaestro Music, ASCAP
RCA 65740 (CD promo)

In a world where labels will do about anything to get their records noticed, the latest single from oh-so-hot rock outfit Lit includes no less than four different call-out hooks on the promo CD single. Tsk, so very insecure. No need to oversell this immediately gratifying record, guaranteed to ignite radio with the gusto of the latest track from hook-consistent Collective Soul. This time around, vocalist A.Jay Popoff offers a Tom Petty-esque melody with a chorus that delivers with the dependability of a guaranteed overnight-delivery package filled with aggressive but radio-friendly TNT. Set amid a bonfire of momentous guitars, this track is likely headed for the top of the rock charts, with the hooky potential to be remixed into the band's first reality-based bid at adult top 40. But first, mainstream rock has further reason to wrap its collective arms around a band that has what it takes to slap the chart bell again and again.

Picks(#): New Releases with the greatest chart potential

- by Chuck Taylor
Billboard, 08/07/99, Vol. 111 Issue 32

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