A.Jay Popoff - Vocals

AJay Full name: A. Jay Popoff

Birthday (month/date/year): 9-19-73

Birth city: Palm Springs

Band, if applicable: Lit

Date band formed: over 10 years ago

First album or song that made an impression on you: The theme song for "Happy Days"

First instrument, if any:Tenor Sax then drums, now singer (duh)

First band (Name and year formed): Razzle '89'

Career highlight so far: Reading Festival, Warped Tour. Hell, this whole year has been one big highlight.

Your favorite album of all time (Okay, pick three if you have to): Elvis Costello (Extreme Honey), Iron Maiden (Killers), Bjork (Debut)

Musical role model: Fred Durst & Kid Rock (LOL)

What's your greatest obsession? My band, my car

What do you wear to bed? Boxer shorts, Jeremy & Kevin's cigarette smoke

Name one possession you'd never part with. My Penis

I can't imagine being on the road without... My crew
What are you a complete sucker for? Girls (It's always the girl)

What's the last record you bought? Macy Gray

What's the strangest request you've ever had from a fan? "Can I take you home as proof that I met you?"

-from BugJuice

Born: September 19, 1973 in Palm Springs, CA

Ride: 1963 Black Cadillac

Hobbies: Cadillacs, Elvis Presley, Vegas, Belt Buckles

In My Disc Changer: (I'm on a mellow trip) Foo Fighters,Kent,Cardigans,Ben Harper,No Doubt,Macy Gray

Trivia: A. Jay was a drummer for three years. He’s been singing for nine years.

First Concert: Iron Maiden - Killers Tour

Favorite Concert: Jane’s Addiction - 1st Lollapalooza

Favorite Movies: Swingers, Casino, Good Fellas, Natural Born Killers, Leaving Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Buffalo 66, Reservoir Dogs

Favorite Singer: Elvis Costello

Favorite Icon: Elvis Presley

Favorite Drink: Jagermeister / Stoli & Cranberry

New Favorite Drink: Stoli Vanila and Diet Coke

Favorite Casinos: The Hard Rock Casino and Binions Horseshoe in Vegas

I love animals, specially dogs. I have 3 dogs: Shaq ( a huge newfoundland/lab), Reno ( a golden retriever) and Blue ( he's a mut that looks like a black wolf)

When I'm not on tour I'm: drinking 10 cups of coffee a day,playing cards and dice with my friends, frequenting local bars (Rembrandts, Rock n' Taco, Kelly's Corner), renting movies, chillin' out, wishing I was on tour!

-from the Lit Lounge

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