Episode #221 "Hard Val's Night"

Val and company protect the alternative rock band Lit from thieves determined to recover a lucky belt buckle.

After the popular rock band Lit hires V.I.P. to protect them in advance of their homecoming concert, band member A. Jay Popoff enlists them to buy The Catís Eye, a lucky belt buckle once owned by singer Elvis Presley. Answering a cryptic newspaper ad, Val, Maxine and A. Jay arrive at a Hollywood memorabilia shop where they are sure the belt buckle is being sold. But when they get it ahead of the man who already paid ten million dollars for it, Thelonius Brock targets V.I.P. and the band in order to get The Catís Eye back.

As Val helps disguise Litís members to get them safely to their rehearsal studio, Tasha returns to the memorabilia shop to find the owner has been killed. While Tasha uncovers clueís suggesting that the belt buckle is worth far more than what they paid, Kay finds that it is little more than a cheap piece of costume jewelry. After following Lit and their bodyguards to a popular Hollywood nightclub, Brock kidnaps A. Jay. But upon finding that he doesnít have the belt buckle, he angrily calls V.I.P. to arrange to trade. Meanwhile, V.I.P. uncovers evidence that the Catís Eye contains a cryptographic key that provides access to any U.S. government computer.

Once Tasha finds that Brock is a major international arms dealer, she and Val pose as a pair of fugitive Swedish arms merchants in order to arrange a meeting with him. But when they try to pull off a rescue, Val and A. Jay are taken hostage as Brock escapes. With Brock threatening to kill them both, Val calls Kay to make a deal and then secretly arranges an ambush by her friends. In the pitched battle that follows, Val escapes with the band members and gets them to their concert on time. And despite arriving with only part of the lucky belt buckle intact, she convinces A. Jay and his band to take the stage for their show.

Directed by: Greg Yaitanes
Written by: Kathy Slevin & Morgan Gendel
Vallery Irons - Pamela Anderson
Tasha Dexter - Molly Culver
Quick Williams - Shaun Baker
Nikki Franco - Natalie Raitano
Maxine de la Cruz - Angelle Brooks

Kay Simmons - Leah Lail
Alan Jay Popoff - Himself
Jeremy Popoff - Himself
Allen Shellenberger - Himself
Kevin Baldes - Himself
Brock - Bob Koherr

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