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It pays to be persistent. In 1999, after ten years of mailing demos, putting up flyers, and playing every local hole in the wall, Lit’s hard work finally paid off. A deal with RCA records resulted in their major label debut, A Place In The Sun, and their first smash hit, “Bitter.” However, that doesn’t mean the band—vocalist A.Jay Popoff, guitarist Jeremy Popoff, bassist Kevin Baldes, and drummer Allen Shellenberger—can now coast. As a matter of fact, their days of hard work have only just begun, as evidenced by their current 18-month tour. “I don’t mind it,” says frontman A.Jay. “When I’m not on tour, I drink 10 cups of coffee a day, play cards and dice with my friends, frequent local bars, rent movies, and basically wish I was back on tour.” In the midst of their current road jaunt with fellow Orange County residents No Doubt, A.Jay took time out to talk about his penis, his bassist’s penis, and getting to meet Steven Tyler.

drDrew.com: What's your favorite thing to do when no one else is around?
A. Jay Popoff: [Laughs] Masturbate. Nikki Dial videos come in pretty handy with this.

drDrew.com: Name a guilty pleasure.
AJP: Jagermeister.

drDrew.com: What’s your favorite bodypart?
AJP: My penis. My friends all think it’s pretty cool [laughs].

drDrew.com: What's your greatest fear?
AJP: Kevin Blade’s penis. It’s not very attractive.

drDrew.com: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
AJP: To not be so indecisive all the time.

drDrew.com: What was your worst day job?
AJP: Setting up tents for car dealerships. I did that for one afternoon, then quit.

drDrew.com: What's your idea of perfect happiness?
AJP: Touring and playing with Lit.

drDrew.com: What's something you're good at that's totally useless?
AJP: Doing that breakdance move—the kickworm.

drDrew.com: What's your favorite album for a night of hot monkey love?
AJP: Esthero.

drDrew.com: What was your most memorable celebrity encounter?
AJP: Working with Steven Tyler on the Titan A.E. soundtrack. I’m a huge Aerosmith fan and I was in awe of his presence. He’s a living legend.

drDrew.com: If they were to make an action figure of you, what accessories would it come equipped with?
AJP: An air guitar, a broken microphone stand, a black ’63 Cadillac, and a Nikki Dial porn video.

drDrew.com: Who would you like to trade places with for a day?
AJP: Snoop Doggy Dogg. He’s one of the biggest pimps I’ve ever seen. He seems pretty carefree, just rolling in the fat stacks. I’d like to live vicariously through him.

drDrew.com: What Hollywood star would play you in a documentary based on your life?
AJP: Vincent Gallo.

drDrew.com: What song best represents the soundtrack of your life?
AJP: “That’s Life.”

drDrew.com: If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?
AJP: Elvis Presley. Over the course of the past six years, I’ve become a big Elvis fan.

drDrew.com: When you were a kid growing up, who did you imitate when you stood in front of the mirror?
AJP: Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and James Hetfield from Metallica.

drDrew.com: Name a book you've read recently and liked.
AJP: The Memphis Mafia, which is about Elvis.

drDrew.com: Name a film you've seen recently and liked.
AJP: American Beauty. I also just bought The Exorcist on DVD which is really cool. To this day, it still scares the fuck out of me.

drDrew.com: Name an album you've heard recently and liked.
AJP: Papa Roach. That’s a cool record. It’s a good album to listen to before you go on stage—it really pumps you up.

drDrew.com: Finish this line: "If we can send a man to the moon, then why... ?”
AJP: “…can’t we create better cell phone service.”

drDrew.com: What will you remember most about the '90's?
AJP: I’ll always remember 1999 because that was the year Lit made it.

- from DrDrew.com

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